Just four Barchettas met for the National Motor Museum’s “Simply Italian” Day.  The weather provided a very wet drive there and a wet drive back but allowed some sunshine for the event.  We had a trio of yellow cars brought along by Aneta and Chris Rocker from Bournemouth, Ross Williams from Cambridgeshire we were also very pleased to meet, for the first time, Carl & Melda Williams from Milton Keynes. I drove over from Sussex with my wife Jenny in the red car thus avoiding a completely yellow day! 

The Museum at Beaulieu is stunning and we all enjoyed a browse at the spectacular collection including some early FIAT cars.  The competition for best car was won by a charming little FIAT 500 which had been lovingly restored.  There is obviously still a great affection for these diminutive vehicles.  The owner had a sense of humour! 

At the end of play we gathered our cars together for a photo-shoot.  I couldn’t help but be impressed with the personalised interior of Carl’s car. It boasted beautiful leather seats and steering wheel with yellow stitching, a yellow binnacle and even yellow seat belts.   

At this point we remembered how successful the drone pictures taken by Chris’ son Timothy were at Northumberland. Luckily Chris had an innovative idea to gain a higher viewpoint. 

The Barchetta has no trouble holding its own against all the fabulously expensive Italian cars.  Despite being parked next to a large posh Ferrari I noted that Beaulieu staff chose to picture my car on their Facebook page!    

Here’s hoping that the event at Brooklands next week is also successful and maybe no rain! 

Martin Garrad