Meeting Memories

Having very recently returned from the hugely successful annual residential UK Barchetta meeting, we would like to say a big thank you to Helen and David Brenchley for organising a superb event. Thank you for introducing (some of us) to Tulip maps, for showcasing the treats of Kent and East Sussex and for ensuring a great time was had by all.

On the way home, to mitigate the agony of the Dartford Crossing and the M25, I tried to recall the wonderful places we have been to over the last 10+ years, courtesy the UK Barchetta Owners’ Club. How many of the following did the rest of you enjoy?

2010 Huntingdon (organised by Rosemary Kind)

2011 Sussex  ( organised by Martin & Jenny Garrad)

2012 Bedford( shire) ( Richard & Jane Keogh)

2013 Suffolk (us! Sandy and Paul Ranson)

2014 Lincoln ( Stephen & Lesley Taylor)

2015 Wakefield / Yorkshire, (Steve and Jenny Auty) and also France ( Jerry & Hilary Larthe de Langladure)

2016 Amersham, Bucks (Colin & Denise Metcalfe)

2017 Devon & Cornwall ( a double act from Martin Johnson & John Capon) and Germany (Black Forest)

2018 Derbyshire (Chris and Dorothy Pearce)

2019 Cotswolds (Dave and Sue Skelding) & International mtg. Suffolk ( Ransons – again!)

2020 covid

2021 covid

2022 Northumberland (Clive & Louise Marshall) 

2023 Poundbury, Dorset (Chris & Anita Rocker) and Madingley and the Cambs fens, ( Ransons)

2024 Kent & East Sussex (David and Helen Brenchley). 

What a fantastic opportunity we have had to visit so many different parts of the UK!

Really looking forward to the next meet up, what a great club we belong to! 

Apologies that I haven’t included the numerous day-drives and other international meetings!

Sandy Ranson