200 Club Deja Vu

Just a brief resume to bring you upto date with the 200 Club and I do mean brief. No compendium of statistics and numbers.

Looking back over the previous year there is a distinct feeling of deja vu about this
article. It was around this time last year that I wrote about the lack of 200 Club updates and the hike in Road Fund License for our Barchettas – well here we are again- no update and another RFL increase with two rates of either £320 or £325. Another hit on the pocket of the long suffering enthusiast – coupled with the still inflated price of E5 petrol– enough to drive you to joining the 200 Club.

We are in the final couple of months of this years 200 Club – our sixth year – and we are delighted to still have new members joining – about a ten percent net increase over total tickets sold last year. In other words it’s been quite a good year for new members.

The majority of members renew automatically and inevitably one or two drop out due to selling their car or deciding to invest their money elsewhere- I can’t understand why. It does look as though it is going to be an even better prize fund this year – assuming all the allocated tickets are renewed again we should hit a total prize fund in excess of £1300 this year which is brilliant. Another twelve or so members and we could hit £1500! That’s all the numbers this time round.

So, as previously – thank you to everyone who has continued to support the 200 Club and for those of you yet to join there is still time in this year.

Mike Barnes