Barchettas Left On UK Roads

Yet again Mark Simmons has pointed me towards some interesting information.  I have taken the following from the “CAR LOGBOOK” site which offers details of every car with a valid MOT.  There are several hundred additional Barchettas that are SORNED but these 518 are the ones with a current MOT.   

Of the 30,965,874 cars on UK roads our 518 represents 0.00167% so no wonder we don’t often see another car like our own.  It is even more unlikely that you will spot a car of the same colour.  

Silver or grey is by far the most common colour together totalling 175 cars.

SILVER/GREY   175 CARS 33.8%

BLUE 101 CARS 19.5%

RED 88 CARS 17%

YELLOW 64 CARS 12.4%

BLACK 44 CARS 8.5%

GREEN 24 CARS 4.6%


PURPLE 1 CAR 0.2% 

So our cars are pretty rare in the UK.  I suspect that lone purple car is Colin Stovell’s aubergine car?

Martin Garrad