North West News

Quite recently member Stuart Major contacted me to recommend a Barchetta mechanic operating from his home town of Chester. JT Sportscars is owned by Jim Taylor. Although Jim now specialises in Lancia Integrales he has a long connection with Barchettas, at one time he imported them and is familiar with the trickier jobs that many garages would fight shy of.

Noticing that we did not have an alternative specialist in this area I circulated members in the vicinity hoping it would prove useful to them. Since then member Andy Logan from Widnes has been delighted to have his heater matrix sorted together with an oil leak rectified and other smaller tasks put right. Our newest member Louise Chicot from Ellesmere Port has now paid Jim a visit for a new mohair soft-top to be fitted and also enjoyed a, socially distanced, meeting with Stuart.

So all in all it seems we have a very useful addition to our โ€œTrusted Garages List,โ€ thank you Stuart. There is quite a gaggle of owners around the North West, I have, with permissions, advised Stuart of their details and it is hoped that, when conditions allow, Stuart can arrange a social meeting of this group. Strangely two of the nearby owners already knew Stuart, it is a small world.

Martin Garrad

Stuart Major and the clubs newest member Louise Chicot