200 Club draw results 2023

The draw for our 200 club was held via Zoom on Monday 10th July 2023.  I am very pleased to now announce the lucky winners for this year.

  • Top prize of £453 was won by Eric Trump from East Sussex.
  • Second prize of £363 was won by Mike Storey from Nottingham.
  • Third prize of £272 was won by Tony Rifugiato from Leicestershire.
  • Fourth prize of £181 was won by Graham Silverton from Lincolnshire.
  • Fifth prize of £91 was won by a member from East Sussex.

So it looks like East Sussex is the place to be if you want to increase your chances of winning next year!

The total prize money was therefore £1360 which is the best year so far.  This means that the club benefits by a similar amount minus an admin charge to the local authority that sanctions our lottery as legal.

Thanks to the scrutineers Colin Stovell and David Brenchley and a very big vote of gratitude to Mike Barnes our treasurer who, through this venture, has returned our club to financial stability.  The funds pay for our website and allow other amounts to be funded to oil the workings of our club.  Hopefully we will reach a prize fund of £1500 by 2024.  I am not going to move to my neighbouring county of East Sussex to up my chances but it really is my turn to have a bite of the cherry!   (I do have a ticket, do you?)

To find out about joining the 200 Club please click here

Best wishes to all members,

Martin Garrad