Ode to a Barchetta

Hello UK Barchetta Club Members

 Chris Rocker from Bournemouth wrote to me recently to show me this picture of his car. It was created by a company called POP MY CAR who turned a favourite photo into a large feature poster print. You can see the result here:

The company website is https://www.fueled.art/ and the owner is Ian Salmon.

Whilst writing, Chris included the following ditty. I am not sure that Chris is going to win poet of the year for this but I hope you find it amusing. Chris, with Aneta, organised our summer meeting at Poundbury this year and what an excellent job they did of that. You can judge for yourself if my new nickname for him is justified, so from “THE BARD OF BOURNEMOUTH”…..

Martin Garrad

The Fiat Barchetta, a car so sleek,

Its beauty and style, is just unique,

With curves and lines that catch the eye,

It’s sure to turn heads as it passes by.

A two-seater, perfect for a drive,

On winding roads, it comes alive,

The wind in your hair, the sun on your skin,

In a Fiat Barchetta, it’s a pure win.

Its engine roars, as you shift gears,

The thrill of driving brings no fears,

It’s a car that’s loved by many,

The Fiat Barchetta, it’s oh so trendy.

So let’s raise a glass, to this Italian beauty,

A car that’s full of passion and duty,

The Fiat Barchetta, forever in our hearts,

A car that’ll never tear us apart.

Chris Rocker