First New Member Of 2022

I am really pleased that Robyn Allardice has written an account of her love affair with her Barchetta. Robyn is our first new member of 2022 and has owned her 1999 car from new, here is her story.

Barchetta T872 HRV 

This car came into my life more by mischance than by planning.  I was on a language course with the army in Germany and everyone was buying cars to take back to the UK.  I was keen on a car to escape beyond the fence and the limited range of shops in the vicinity, which consisted of two bridal shops and a bakery. 

So on examination of the car sale-yard, a bus ride away, and taking advice from those at breakfast, I looked at Mercedes and BMW.  The salesman highlighted pros and cons and then devastatingly said, any car I chose would not be collectable for 6 weeks.  So I asked him what I could drive off the forecourt that day and he pointed to…three limited edition Fiat Barchettas and I fell in love.

I would have thought a little red car would have been fun but when I saw the limited edition black car with red roof and red internal upholstery, it was clear that any car you sat in which matched your lipstick had to be ‘the one.’  It matches Mac Russian Red perfectly!

So, the first and only car I ever bought new is still with me.  Purchased in Germany in 1999, it is left hand drive and has lived with me in Vienna, Austria, Salisbury England and Gozo, Malta.

It has moved beehives, mon-skis – an entire London flat.

At the end of 2021, it started to develop problems and the AA man and I got to know each other, so there was a decision to be made – do I trade it in or restore it.

I am not especially sentimental about cars but having been surprised at the 35% rise in the cost of second hand cars, I opted for repair.  Encouraged by fellow Barchetta club member, Chris Rocker, off it went to DTR garage at Coulsdon and any day this week….it will be back.

Hope to see you at the Northern Meeting! 

 Robyn (member 809)