200 Club Update

Spring is nearly here

Well, according to the meteorological calendar Spring started on the 1st March which takes us two thirds of the way through the 200 Club Year and not an interim update in sight. Hopefully not just the heralding of Spring but the start of Barchettas coming out of hibernation and facing a rapidly changing world – not to mention the new revised car tax rate of £275 a year.

Inevitably with the 200 Club it’s a numbers game. We now have 222 members in the Owners Club of which 15 have joined since the beginning of 1 July 2021 – only 2 of those have joined the 200 Club – about 13% – which leaves plenty of room for improvement! Just to put you completely in the picture because I know you are really curious – we have 83 allocated tickets sold but 6 of those may not be repeat business – which by simple deduction leaves 77. Don’t switch off just yet – of those 77 – 18 are split between 9 members – which leaves the remaining 59 tickets. All of which is a somewhat convoluted way of saying that out of 222 Club members only 68 have joined the 200 Club i.e. just over 30%. Not quite a 20/80 Pareto principle but not far short. 

We are in our fifth year now – Y1 prize fund was £440 but based on only nine months of subscriptions- Y2 £740 – Y3 £980 and Y4 £1091 – it is still the Owners Club main source of  income. You can see from the prize fund which is normally distributed between four or five tickets that the cost of car tax and insurance could easily be met – with pretty good odds for a win- by the purchase of a single ticket in the 200 Club Lottery. Do consider Chris Knott Insurance again as each policy taken out creates a small percentage commission for the Club not just on our Barchettas but our ‘everyday’ cars as well- they can actually be very competitive!

These are very difficult times for all of us but it does look as though we should still manage to pass the £1000 prize fund again this year – so thank you to everyone who has continued to support the 200 Club and for those of you yet to join there is still time in this year. 

Details of how to join the 200 Club are available here.

Mike Barnes