Barchetta Crossword

For just a bit of frestive fun here is a Barchetta themed crossword to attempt. It may help pass a little time during this rather different Christmas period!

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We will publish the answers early in the new year.

Good luck & Merry Christmas!

1st January 2021 – crossword answers

Many thanks if you had a go at the crossword, below are the answers.

Happy New Year!

Down Clues

(1) Club Italia – there were only six of these limited editions and you can find more details about the Barchetta at the club website

(2) Orange – colour of the Barchetta used in the first launch photos

(3) Little Boat – Barchetta is sometimes an Italian term given to a form of open top car

(4) Stelvio Green – colour used for the LE Special Editions that links to the famous Stelvio Pass in Northern Italy bordering Switzerland

(7) Variator – the component that initially had a weakness in its design and could lead to a diesel sound coming from the engine

(8) Veglia Borletti – the brand name shown on the Barchetta instrument cluster

(10) Comfort – official standard UK cars had the option of the Comfort Pack which was leather seats, leather steering wheel & gear knob, passenger airbag, central locking, electric door mirrors, front fog lights and electric aerial. In other markets some of these options could be chosen seperately and they were standard on some of the later special editions

(11) Japan – the other right hand drive market where the Barchetta was sold

(12) Battery – it was always suggested to disconnect this when working on the car as often the airbag warning light has a habit of coming on!

(15) Pizza – there were four initial design proposals for the Barchetta all named after Pizza’s, Diavola, Marinara, Atomica and Bismark. Marinara was the one chosen. There is more detail about this in the March 1st 1995 edition of Autocar or in the Brooklands Road Test Portfolio

Across Clues

(5) Riveria – a popular special edition of the Barchetta

(6) Punto – the chassis of the Barchetta is based on a version of the Fiat Punto hatchback

(9) Transverse – the layout of the engine which is more common in cars that are front wheel drive

(13) Mirafiori – after Maggoria went bankrupt there was a break in production of around two years when the car was relaunched with the facelift version built at the Mirafiori plant

(14) Maggiora – the original coachbuilder responsible for building the MK1 cars in the plant at Chivasso, Turin which was previously a Lancia factory. The company went bankrupt in 2002

(16) Trofeo – this was a special racing version of the Barchetta for a potential one make championship. Apparently it never happened but there seems to be a few having fun in this video:

(17) Andreas Zapatinas – the designer responsible for the ‘Marinara’ proposal which was chosen as the Barchetta

(18) Red – the colour of that all important key associated with the cars immobliser system and to some owners the only colour the car should come in!

(19) Naxos – another special edition Barchetta noted for the front bumber spoiler and silver colour door mirrors

(20) Novitec – this company offered a turbo kit for the Barchetta which would today be a very rare item to find!