Shropshire towns & hills. A day drive

We are just home from the day drive that Martin Eason planned and has now executed.  Seven cars met at David Austen Roses, Albrighton Shropshire.   A more suitable starting point would be difficult to imagine, we found sweet smelling roses by the thousand and a cafe plus facilities.  A good start!  Here Ross Williams, Mike & Marian Storey, Brian & Hannah Poole, Andy Logan, new member Ellen Schrijver plus myself with my wife Jenny were greeted and briefed by Martin & Emma Eason. 

I don’t think that any of us expected quite such a truly beautiful drive through towns and countryside previously unexplored.  We drove through Worsfield a charming ancient village before a drive through historic Bridgnorth.  A glimpse here was enough to resolve that a future visit to this town was essential.  Low Town, High town, The River Severn, a preserved railway and a castle all deserve more time than a drive past. 

We drove on to Much Wenlock and were surprised to find a connection to the modern Olympic Games with another beautiful medieval market town.  Our drive continued to Broseley, a small town famous for pottery and the manufacture of clay pipes.  Our routes were predominately carefully planned country lanes which were virtually traffic free.  This was fortunate as it is not easy to back up a queue of Barchettas!  

We then drove via a narrow bridge to the Ironbridge Gorge and were fascinated by the Hay Incline plane where canal tub boats were hauled up and down a steep incline to connect the Shropshire Canal with The River Severn. 

Our next stop was Ironbridge, famous for the first cast iron bridge ever built. (1779)  Here we stopped for coffee or ice-cream, all in glorious sunshine.  


Our journey continued around the volcanic Wrekin outcrop prior to another stop at Wroxeter to view the largest Roman city in Britain that has escaped development.  


Our journey finished at Shrewsbury, the county town and birthplace of Charles Darwin. We glimpsed more attractive medieval streets and the castle and river.  Martin had booked a table for us at a gastro pub close to the river.  Our club generously bought everyone a drink and we were able to sit to discuss our enjoyable day.   

Full marks must go to Martin Eason for arranging such a trip.  Jenny and I travelled about 200 miles to join this day drive and, of course, a similar distance home.  Our long journey was rewarded by a stunning drive through delightful countryside.  I want to go back!  Well done Martin. 

Martin Garrad