Norway International Meeting 2023

Six of us, three cars, are just back from Norway having enjoyed a trip that exceeded our expectations.  Yes, it was a long journey there and much driving during the event, but it was all worth it.  Having never been to Scandinavia I was fascinated by the extraordinary scenery.  Snow covered mountains everywhere, huge impressive waterfalls at every turn, tunnels galore blasted through the hills and we enjoyed sunshine every day.  We were warmly welcomed by Norwegians, all of whom, thankfully, spoke English.  Indeed English was spoken by every one of the nations at this event.

Andy & Rebecca Logan, Colin & Denise Metcalfe together with myself and my wife Jenny came back full of happy memories.  We met with many friends we already knew and also made new friends.  There were cars from Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Lithuania, Sweden and Switzerland. Our little cars carried us for something like 2000 miles without any serious issues.  During the tour one German couple had an unfortunate incident when they struck the wall of one of the many tunnels, some of which are over 6 miles long. Although the car was grievously damaged nobody was hurt and the car was patched up and limped along for the last few drives.

For me much of the enjoyment was the strong sense of fellowship between the nations.  We six were very pleased to fly the flag for our UK club and we would all encourage other members to take part in future events.  One warning; whatever you have heard about the price of drinks in Norway is true!  A bottle of wine in a restaurant is about £60, a smallish glass of wine in a bar is about £10 and a beer is about that price.  So if you are teetotal and like long tunnels this is the place for you!  But seriously a wonderful clean country blessed with spectacular lakes, fjords, mountains and waterfalls that offered us a truly memorable holiday. Many thanks to the organising team.

Martin Garrad

Thanks also to Colin, Andy & Rebecca for additional photographs.