Heritage Hub – Potential Tour

Located in Turin, within one of the historic Fiat manufacturing plants in the Mirafiori complex, the Heritage Hub contains over 250 historic vehicles from the Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia and Abarth brands. Many have not been on display before and this includes a couple of Barchettas.

Full details are available here: https://www.fcaheritage.com/en-uk/heritage/places/heritage-hub

The Heritage Hub is not currently open to the general public, however It has recently been announced that guided tours are now available for members of car clubs dedicated to the brands with a minimum number of 25 people required.

Clearly this would be a challenge for the UK Club to generate this level of interest for a trip to Italy such as this, but we would like to get an idea of those members who would be interested. If we can get an estimate of numbers then we will possibly talk to our Barchetta friends in Germany and the Netherlands to discover if we could work together.

Please note, this is not at this stage about planning a club organised road trip to Turin in Barchettas. The trip to the Heritage Hub could form part of a visit to the city where people make their own way there or travel as a group. Realistically this would happen in 2023 if we did have enough interest.

If you are interested then please email Neil on nrmead66@googlemail.com with your details and we will collate the numbers over the next couple of weeks to see if this is worth pursuing.