200 Club Update

Mid Season 200 Club Lockdown Musings.

I don’t know about you, but I like to keep informed about what’s going on in the world and as Barchetta Owners you are obviously aware there is a hell of a lot going on at the moment. We are swamped with information – some of it fake – who would have thought – but huge chunks of info comes in the form of numbers – you can’t get away from it. The current Covid 19 pandemic provides a host of depressing numbers – charts – graphs – tables – next slide please. Brexit provides a litany of rules and regulations – lorry parks – fishing rights – ham sandwiches that can’t be taken into the EU – green cards – international driving permit. Hands – face –  space – sanitise-sanitise. It’s beginning to sound like something a politically correct Dalek might say – sanitise……..  Approaching information overload.

So what does one do in lockdown to retain your sanity if you are lucky enough to be retired or don’t need to work – too cold in the garden – decorating – wrong sort of lighting – tidy the garage – clear out the kitchen cupboards – never! Perhaps something a little more enjoyable – a tricky Barchetta Owners Club crossword – polish the B for the third time – flip through the highly successful Owner’s Club 2021 Calendar for the umpteenth time -look at one’s investment portfolio – I was obviously thinking of the 200 Club.

Now, I expect you think the Hon.Treas. is going to spew out a host of figures to see if he can loosen a few wallets to introduce more members to the delights of the 200 Club – well partially right. This time last year the Owners’ Club had 193 members – we now have 211 – an increase of 18. My target was to have 75 tickets sold for last year – we had 67 at the end of the year – this included some members who went the extra mile and bought additional tickets at year end to increase their odds of winning. We currently have 70 which includes the intrepid souls who bought those extra tickets- but we don’t want to rely on these good hearted members do we?

If we maintain the status quo as at this moment, we might just cross the line and make my total prize fund target of four figures. But we don’t want to just do that either do we?  A years subscription of £30 could buy you ten Astra Zeneca Covid 19 vaccines – not much use to you really but the 200 Club would give you a shot at a quite reasonable little tax free sum. Worth a punt if ever I saw one – with all the restrictions we live under at the moment do feel free to buy as many tickets as you like. Don’t worry, I am sure I can cope with the rush.

In the meantime stay safe, stay well – and look after that appreciating asset of Italian pedigree to enjoy in sunnier days ahead. Thank you for supporting the Owners’ Club.

Mike Barnes


January 2021