200 Club Draw

July 6th 2022

Summer is definitely here – almost too hot for top down motoring at 30 plus degrees some might say! The much awaited fifth 200 Club Draw was held on Zoom again this year with a very limited attendance but, inevitably, a very high quality of attendees.  Tickets were drawn by our neighbour Rick Evans at a rapid rate to enable him to enjoy the complimentary drink which he claimed on arrival – never mind the draw! Our thanks to Chris Rocker who kindly hosted the meeting.

The last two years have been difficult in many ways for all of us but we still managed to increase the prize fund this year by 15.35% to £1258.75 which was shared between five lucky winners – two of whom are second time winners – both previously won in 2020. Definitely a good return! The winners are:

First prize: Andy Logan £419.58

Second prize: Kate Pegler £335.67

Third prize: Greg & Lindsey Bailey £251.75

Fourth prize: Paul Martin £167.83

Fifth prize: Jeremy Kraft £83.92

We ended the year with 86 tickets sold which was just three more than the allocated tickets in my Spring ramblings – the difference fortunately was a late rush of members joining which exceeded the lack of repeat business for a variety of reasons. For those who did not renew their tickets in 2021/22 – thank you for your support in previous years – you will always be welcomed back should you decide to rejoin. I will be tidying up the 200 Club membership list in the near future so if you didn’t renew last year but still want to be in with a chance this year do let me know!  Perhaps we could hit the £1500 prize fund this year!?

So how do we spend the Club’s share of the 200 Club income? With the pandemic during the last two years we haven’t been able to enjoy the annual Club meeting which historically has been subsidised in some form. This year for the first time since the International Meeting – which seems an absolute age ago – we travelled up to Northumberland for our annual meeting to stay in the beautiful Beamish Hall Hotel, twenty four cars in all.  Inevitably there hadn’t been much call on the Club funds – so the Club was able to pay for much of the table wine- lunch for everyone on the last day and entry into the National Trust property Cragside for those who aren’t members. We have also started helping with any minor costs incurred on organised day drives – not everyone can get to the main Club meeting. We will be looking at other opportunities in the future! 

Thank you again for all of you who have supported the Club over the past five years and those who continue to do so and, of course, those who have yet to join.

Mike Barnes



Chris Rocker, Mike and Cathy Barnes, Martin and Jenny Garrad, Ros Kind, Bob Mead, Richard Lohman, Robyn Allardice