Trip meter reset button repair

Tools required

  • 3mm Allen key
  • Long-nose pliers or a very small spanner


When handling circuit boards make sure all static eletricity is drained from your body. Static electric shocks can destroy computer chips and electronic components.


  • Undo 3 screws on underside of steering column housing.
  • Remove lower half of steering column housing (being careful not to snap any of the plastic tabs).
  • Undo 2 screws retaining top half of steering column housing (inside top front corner on each side).
  • Ensure steering wheel is adjusted to its lowest setting.
  • Remove 4 Allen bolts retaining instrument cover (3 mm Allen key).
  • Remove instrument cover.
  • Withdraw instrument unit.(This is also the way to access the instrument and warning light bulbs.)
  • Disconnect 4 electrical plugs at back of instrument unit.
  • Remove instrument unit.
  • Pull off trip meter button..
  • Remove black dial cover by releasing the 8 clips around its edge.

  • Turning to the back of the unit, remove the grey plastic box on the left hand side (2 screws and an electrical plug).

  • Using a fine screwdriver, gently ease out the electrical plugs entering the back of the speedo and rev counter.

  • Remove the 6 nuts and washers retaining the fuel and temperature gauges in the housing (using long-nose pliers or a very small spanner).
  • Gently remove the dials as one unit from the housing.

  • You will see why the trip meter no longer works ­ the spindle running through the numbers and cogs has become dislodged from the fork connected to the back of the trip zeroing button.

  • Gently ease the spindle back into the fork.
  • Follow the above instructions in reverse to put it all back together!

This technical guide was originally held at It was copied to this site in 2021 to ensure its availability and to reformat it into a more modern layout. The original guide was written by Nick Kitchin.

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