The Barchetta 200 Club abacus

February 2020 – An update from the Treasurer on the status of the 200 Club

“It really doesn’t seem twenty five years ago that Robson and Jerome (who!?) were topping the UK music charts with Unchained Melody/White Cliffs of Dover. By the way Vera Lynn recorded the White Cliffs of Dover in 1941 and is still around at the age of 102! A modern beat combo called Take That had a number 1 hit with ‘Back for good’ the same year. Ford also topped the UK car sales in 1995 with the Escort, Fiesta and Mondeo. Our much loved little boats as you all know were launched (!) in 1995 where a magnificent total of nine were registered in the UK. Over the next ten years approximately 57700 were built. Currently there are still over 700 registered in the UK.

You are probably wondering what the above ramblings of a geriatric treasurer have to do with the 200 Club – well it’s all about numbers . You can’t get away from numbers in life!

We currently have 193 members registered in the UK Barchetta Owners Club – 29 of whom joined in the last twelve months. Our first year with the 200 Club was 2017 – now in our third year we have 54 tickets sold – 36 members have purchased one ticket each – the remaining 18 tickets have been bought by 9 members. You don’t really need an abacus to work out that approximately 25% of our members have subscribed to the 200 Club leaving 75% still in the starting lane.

The 200 Club is our main source of income at present – the commission we receive from Chris Knott Insurance for members who insure their Barchettas or everyday cars with them – fluctuates around the £200/250 a year – so not enough to keep the Club solvent! It’s really the 200 Club that helps subsidise the annual Club meetings and helps keep the costs down or provide that extra je ne sais quoi ! There is however always room for improvement and potential for a greater contribution from the Club– but we need more 200 Club members. So 75 tickets sold (we are in the 3 rd year and the 25 th anniversary of the Barchetta) would produce over £1000 in prize money and the same amount to subsidise meetings – we have until 30 June to achieve that this year. That’s just 21 more tickets .We have crossed the starting line with Brexit – so no excuse! We do need you!

When I retire, resign or get ousted by a coup as treasurer I would hate to leave a note saying the money has all gone…………………………. “

Michael Barnes – Treasurer​