Overhauling the wiper assembly


My wipers were working OK but tended to skip over the windscreen, so I decided to overhaul the assembly. I do tend to dismantle the spindles every few years, as like many of us they don’t get used much. I won’t go into detail regards removing and replacing the assembly as it’s already covered in the how to section https://fiatbarchetta.uk/remove-the-windscreen-wiper-motor


Replacing the bushes

I bought a new set of nylon bushes to replace the slightly worn items on ebay item https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/393214712487?hash=item5b8d6c5aa7:g:wx0AAOSw3Zpfvg4r

Actually these were the wrong size so contacted the seller, and he sent the correct ones at no cost.

  • Once the wiper asseembly is removed from the car I proceeded to dismantle the assembly.
  • Taking off the linkages is fairly straight forward, using a screwdriver to ease off the old plastic bush from the pivot.
  • To remove the old plastic bush, insert a driver under the locating tab  

  • Then with a pair of pliers twist the bush from the 12 o’clock position to the 1 o’clock position. Old bush will then pop out.
  • You can see from the image the retaining lug holding them onto the linkage.

  • This picture just shows the bush now it has been removed from the linkage

  • The new bushes have a small locating nib, so to fit the new bush, first you will have to file a locating point for the new bush using a small file.
  • File one of the retaining indents on the linkage to fit the new bush

  • Ensure the new bush fits flat on the linkage

  • Then secure using the circlip provided, repeat the process for the other bushes

Greasing the spindles

  • Whilst we have the wiper in component form, it’s a good ideas to grease the spindles of the wiper as these do tend to seize up

  • The shafts are retained with a small C clip, to remove this, push the spindle forward so that the C clip is above its housing.
  • With a flat blade driver remove the C clip, making sure it doesn’t fly off into the dark recesses of your workshop.
  • The spindle if seized will then tap out, clean up and grease as you see fit and re-assemble repeat for the other spindle

  • I also removed the plastic protection cover, just to give it a clean and to check the motor

This technical guide was kindly submitted to the club by member Dave Maddock

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