Lubricating the bonnet release cable


The bonnet release cable can become stiff and since the handle is only plastic (although metal ones are available) a stiff cable can cause broken handles. This simple procedure should keep your release cable working smoothly.

Tools required

  • 10mm socket or spanner
  • Some aluminium foil
  • A funnel
  • Gaffer tape or similar
  • Oil
  • Rags to catch excess oil


  • Firstly, use the 10mm socket or spanner to remove the two screws holding the black cover plate in place
  • Remove the cover plate

  • When working on the cable it can easily become disengaged from its holder in the handle in the footwell. By filling the top hole with foil you can stop this happening.
  • This is a very useful tip, putting the cable back into the handle is fiddly to do upside down in the footwell and gets no easier as the years pass.

  • Back under the bonnet, pull back the spring to unhook the inner wire from the metal loop.
  • You can then remove the cable sleeve by squashing its two little wings. Shown here after removal.

  • Place a small funnel over the end of the outer cable. Tape it up well to stop the oil from escaping.
  • Lift and fix the funnel as high as possible. In the picture it has been clamped to a piece of wood propped up in the engine bay.
  • Remove your mats from the driver’s footwell and put some expendable rags under the release handle to catch any escaping oil.
  • Pour some oil into the funnel and leave for as long as possible to allow it to creep down the cable.

Reverse your steps to get the car back together.

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