Heater problems

Symptoms and solutions

This is a summary of the work involved to solve the problem of the heater fan working only on setting 4. The first stage for me was to install a new fan switch. This turned out to be a waste of time, as the problem remained. However, I’m including the operation anyway! Second job was to install a new heater resistor, which cured the problem.

Installing a new fan switch

Tools required

  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Allen Key


Fiat Switch Part No. 46721486 current price UK £5.73 +VAT

N.B. this was the price at the time this article was written. It may be harder to find the part now.


  • Remove radio and fixing plate
  • Remove ashtray inner section to expose screw, remove this screw
  • Remove gearstick glove (pulls up and out) and remove 4 screws exposed at corners
  • Lift lower console up and over gearstick, leaving cables connected
  • Remove 3 control knobs
  • Remove upper centre console by withdrawing phillips/allen screws
  • Remove 4 screws retaining the heater assembly, and carefully invert this section inside the aperture, until you can get at the back of the fan switch.
  • Using a small allen key, remove the two screws, and withdraw switch
  • Fit new switch and reassemble in reverse

Installing a new heater resistor

This operation was advised by a local car electric company and did the trick

Tools required

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Good small torch


Fiat Resistor Part No. 46721213 current price UK £10.89 +VAT. As above, this is an original price


  • Lie on back in footwell with door open (push seat back as far as it will go)
  • Locate the resistor unit ( this is at the back of the fan assembly above passenger footwell. It is just possible to remove and replace this without removing the carpet, but you’ll need small fingers and some patience!)
  • Remove the connector from the socket
  • Pressing down the surrounding carpet, (perhaps wedge it with the torch) and using a small angled phillips screwdriver or ratchet, remove the two screws holding the resistor in place
  • Pull the old unit out, install new and refit the connector
  • Sounds easy but space is limited and screws can drop down behind the carpet!

This technical guide was originally held at http://www.fiatbarchetta.com/btech/heater.html. It was copied to this site in 2021 to ensure its availability and to reformat it into a more modern layout. The original guide was written by John Turvill.

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