Fuel filter replacement


The fuel filter prevents any bits of rubbish getting into the engine via the fuel pipes

Tools required

  • 10mm spanner
  • Medium screwdriver
  • Patience


You may find that some petrol leaks out of the connection points when you remove the old filter make sure you undertake this project in a well ventilated area with no sparks (mobile phones) or naked flames in the immediate working area.


  • Positioned just ahead of the offside rear wheel, simply remove (or fully loosen) the bolt marked in red
  • Release the clips at either end of the filter and slide old unit out
  • Fit new filter ensuring that the flow direction is correct.
  • You may have to remove the clips that come with the new Fiat filter in order to use the existing ones on the pipes

This technical guide was originally held at http://www.fiatbarchetta.com/btech/fuelfilt.html. It was copied to this site in 2021 to ensure its availability and to reformat it into a more modern layout. The original guide was written by John Turvill

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