Cleaning hood area drain holes


There are two drain holes that take water away from the hood area. These can get blocked with rotting leaves and other detritus allowing water to stay where it shouldn’t, potentially causing rust. They are easily cleared out with the following steps.

Tools required

  • Something long, thin and flexible. I’ve used stiff PVC cable used for pulling electrical wire but you could use a single-core electric cable or similar, needs to be about a metre in length


  • The white piece of tape points to where the drain hole is on the driver’s side of the car

  • The inside rubber can be pulled to one side or the outer rubber can be removed, it is held on with short metal studs

  • Push your flexible wire down the channel to clear it.
  • While you’re there it’s a good idea to clean out any debris that has accululated in the channel.
  • Repeat on the other side of the car

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