2024 Club Meeting

David & Helen Brenchley have undertaken some brilliant preliminary work organising what promises to be another splendiferous trip for next year.  They have secured a very advantageous rate at a beautiful hotel.  We are having to plan early in order to guarantee the booking and a NON REFUNDABLE deposit is required.

Here are the preliminary details:

Barchetta South East Gathering – Sunday 16th June – Wednesday 19th June 2024

We will be staying at The Flackley Ash Hotel in Peasmarsh, East Sussex, on a dinner bed & breakfast basis.  It has 44 rooms and an indoor pool and room upgrades can be arranged if a request is made to the organisers in advance.

The Flackley Ash Hotel

Visits are currently unconfirmed but will be selected from:-

  • A medieval fortification on a site important to the Romans & later to Vice Admiral Ramsay
  • A very well stocked transport museum
  • A couple of historic, walled Cinque Ports
  • A miniature form of public transport terminating on the beach near a 1904 lighthouse.
  • The homes of a great statesman, an ill-fated queen,a famous author & poet.
  • The official residence of the Lord Warden.
  • One of Britain’s oldest brick buildings once owned by The Admiralty.

non-refundable deposit of £50 per head is required by the hotel and we’d like this to be paid into the club account by 30th September.

Please indicate, when you pay your deposit, whether you are a National Trust & / or English Heritage member as this will help us decide on our visits.  We’re aiming to keep the final price within £700 (per couple singles TBA) which will include some admission costs.

If you would like to reserve a space please inform Martin Garrad by emailing membership@fiatbarchetta.uk and pay your deposit into the following account:


SORT CODE:  30 96 31

ACCOUNT:      03176900

REF.                 SURNAME

Do remember that this year our Poundbury trip was sold out within 24 hours so don’t hesitate too long!