UK Barchetta Owners Club 2023 Meeting

Here is the proposal for our 2023 annual meeting which Chris Rocker has now thoroughly researched for us. Sadly, but unsurprisingly, costs are now higher than we would all like, however, a good quality hotel and a really good programme promises to be a memorable trip.

Accommodation is limited so the need to bag a place early cannot be over emphasised.

To reserve a space please email Martin Garrad at

Thanks Chris & Aneta for all your efforts.

DORSET TOUR 21st to 24th MAY 2023


Enjoy the wonderful hospitality of Dorset and travel through history along stunning roads through great countryside. My proposal is to follow the shape of the very successful Northumberland Tour.

So three nights starting Sunday 21st May 2023 and parting company on Wednesday 24th May 2023. We would be based at a single hotel, The Duchess of Cornwall Inn, Poundbury. This is the personal project village of King Charles lll and is near Dorchester. There are good road connections from most directions, and in fact, most ways of getting here are very pretty. The local “A” roads are imbued with centuries of history.

Sunday we will meet up at the hotel with free time to chat and explore some of the many local attractions. Dinner will be held in the hotel as will breakfast on Monday.

Monday will be a day of highly varied scenery and landscapes; this will showcase the very best of the Purbecks. We will travel through ancient barrows to Secret Gardens, drive through a walled Saxon town on the way to the second-largest natural harbour in the world (as Clarkson would say). Lunch will be in a town that only really came alive with the railway and little appears to have changed over time.Then, with the military permitting, we will travel through the gunnery ranges to one of the quaintest and most photographed bays on the south coast, if not Britain. Dinner will either be in the hotel or another establishment close by.

Tuesday, well Tuesday we travel on one of the finest coast roads with views across the sea all the way to Devon, we stop for coffee in a fishing port made famous, (and rich) along with its bigger neighbour, by rope-making for the navy in large lofts together with the cottage industry of lace-making. Lunch will be within sight of a Cob, although not of the bread variety! We loop back north through peaceful villages, drovers roads and maybe a private house tour. Dinner back at Base.

Wednesday brings another very different facet with the Cerne Abbas Giant, numerous hill forts passing by, on to lunch right on the edge of Dorset at the ancient hilltop settlement of Shaftesbury. From here it will be easy to return home or journey onwards under your own steam to other delights in the South West. So, be prepared for driving delights; no motorways, few “A” roads and a (general) lack of traffic should mean we can smoothly flow from coffee to lunch to tea with beautiful drives and great explorations.

The hotel only has 19 rooms available, so early confirmation is suggested. We will do our very best to maintain the high standards of previous trips. Despite a beneficial rate negotiated with the hotel costs have risen. We anticipate that the trip will cost £615 per couple.  This includes three nights dinner bed and breakfast, entrance fees to a garden and lunch out on Wednesday. 

At present we have not negotiated a cheaper rate for singles although there will be a reduction for fewer meals taken, we hope to reduce the cost by about £125.   Members will need to pay for parking, lunch on Monday and Tuesday and any coffee, teas or drinks in the hotel.  The Club will help with some expenses as in previous years.

Please contact Martin on to reserve a space.

Very kind regards

Chris & Aneta