Replacement exhaust manifold

It is beginning to look as though Yorkshire is the centre of the world for Barchetta Spares & Repairs!  We seem to have a wealth of Barchetta friendly garages and spare parts suppliers in that neck of the wood.  I am prompted to say that after our member Iain Menneer wrote to me about his experience with sourcing a new exhaust manifold for his red 1995 car.  Iain explained that his manifold had developed a hole and that his garage had difficulty sourcing a replacement.  An original equipment one was not available and Iain had doubts about paying £500 for a replacement from an unknown source.   He finally decided to “bite the bullet” and have a bespoke manifold made by Len Sheene of Pipe Tech, Hunmanby, North Yorkshire 

Tel 07927 385368

You will see by the picture that a very high quality product was supplied.  Forgive me for saying but I’m sure it will outlast most of the rest of the car!

Iain said,”It took a while to make as this was a first for Pipe Tech.  They did a fantastic job and there was no problem fitting it.  I was sent very clear instructions for my garage to fit and run-in the new manifold.  It is made entirely from Stainless Steel whereas the original was a mix of stainless and mild steel.  I would definitely recommend Len.”

Len Sheene said.”It was a time consuming job but I am delighted with the end result and very pleased that Iain is happy.  Should I be asked to make another the price would be in the region of £750.” 

So should anyone find themselves with a similar issue here is an account of how one member found a solution with which he is very happy.

Martin Garrad

(Membership Secretary)

February 2017