New member….newest car

Sorry to John Wright but we have a new member with an even later manufactured car than his (57626). Paul Padley has just joined our club and I noticed that his VIN, or chassis number, just pips John’s car.  Paul has kindly written a few paragraphs for us about his Barchetta ZFA 18300000057635

Martin Garrad

(Membership Secretary)

April 2018

After 7 years of constant anxiety as to what the next job to need doing on my 1975 cross over year MGB roadster, I decided that discretion was the better part of valour and sold it. It looked like a million dollars, sounded like a million dollars but was about to cost me a full restoration.
So what could one buy for summer fun for around £5k? A modest amount of googling revealed the lovely Fiat Barchetta.

The first one I saw for sale was in Wiltshire; on behalf of a London based Greek financial consultant. The mileage and paperwork seemed a bit inconsistent and it had had a rough life so I let it go. Beware of Greek’s bearing gifts!

Just 2 days later I fought my way through the blizzards to see LM05 TVF and bought it on the spot. The owner had scheduled to trade it in the next day so I had just one day to get to Corsham and do the deal. It cost a grand more than the earlier one but she is worth every penny. Just 34,000 miles which looks genuine going by the condition and paperwork. The existing owner had had it only 18 months and bought it from a dealer in Lichfield, only one owner before that. It has a FIAT full service record with the book stamped. Just a few chips and scratches and she needed a new nearside steering gaiter, which cost just £25 from the local Fiat dealer. The engine is as sweet as the proverbial nut; the handling is smart and it is a very quick drive. The Interior is immaculate but will need a new hood soon as the plexiglass seams on the original are going. My preference is another PVC one like the original but mohair seems to be all I can find. Any advice there welcome.

It seems I’ve landed the newest car in the club. Anyway she is a very fetching motor, a roadster to be seen with and in and I am very pleased with my purchase. Enjoy the photos.

Paul Padley

April 2018