UK Barchetta Owners 200 Club

Alongside the free to join UK Barchetta Owners Club we also have the 200 Club.

In the 2022 draw five lucky members won prizes ranging from £420 to £80 with a total prize pot of £1258.

Treasurer Mike Barnes explains more below about how you can support the club and be in with a change of winning.

The UK Barchetta Owners’ Club is run by a small team of volunteers who, along with our membership, are passionate about our now rare little cars. We would like to welcome you to our “ 200 Club”.

Why join? You have a chance of winning a cash prize and you will be supporting the cost of running your club. Joining will contribute to our continuing expenses, whilst also allowing members to be entered into an annual prize draw, with at least three cash prizes which will total 50% of the subscriptions received. The prize draws will take place at the AGM which is held in conjunction with our annual club meet.

The cost of subscribing to the 200 club is a small monthly payment of £2.50 or an annual fee of £30 per ticket. (Members joining part way through the year and not subscribing the full £30 will receive prizes proportionate to their contributions.) Subscriptions will be made by standing order into the club bank account.

The club is registered under the Small Society Lotteries Scheme with Breckland Council, registration number SL0372. As a member, you will receive a unique reference number, which will be emailed to you on receipt of your form. This will be entered into the annual draw.

To join please complete the form below and email page 2 to

When you receive your reference number, please complete Page 3 and /or arrange your standing order via your bank. PLEASE DO NOT SET UP THE STANDING ORDER BEFORE RECEIVING YOUR REFERENCE NUMBER. If you require more than one ticket please adjust payment accordingly.

Many Thanks

Mike Barnes – Club Treasurer