Committee Members

Martin Garrad

Membership Secretary –

Welcome to the UK Barchetta Owners’ Club new website. I am delighted to have this opportunity to showcase our club.  We are truly grateful to our member Richard O’Dwyer for creating this modern forum for us, thank you Richard.

We currently have a membership of just a tad fewer than two hundred with no sign of a lack of interest. Back in 2010 there was talk of disbanding The Club, fortunately a new committee was formed and it has been possible to run events every year since then.  We hope to continue that happy situation as members kindly volunteer to showcase their own neck of the woods.

I became a member in 2010 and have never regretted it.  My wife, Jenny, and I have joined meetings each year since plus a few continental jaunts.  We immediately met with other members and count ourselves fortunate to have created some really good friendships through our little car.

Membership remains free but we do encourage people to sign up for our “200 Club” which provides substantial cash prizes and funds to keep us going!  Please consider joining.

For now, enjoy our website and I hope the information is both interesting and informative.

Very best wishes

Martin Garrad

Michael Barnes


I bought my Barchetta in 2005 at a time when FIAT had just reduced the purchase price and spec of the facelifted model. After much soul searching and domestic debate I placed an order for a new Broom yellow B – and sat back and waited – for quite some time. Only to be told eventually that there was a production problem at the factory and here was a voucher for £1000 to keep me quiet. Youngest son was driving a black Punto at the time – with a fair amount of bravo – and somehow the £1000 dwindled to £500 in keeping the Punto rolling.

Not to worry – the Barchetta finally arrived and I signed up for the UK Barchetta Owners Club and still have my cardboard membership card to this day!  I hadn’t been the proud owner for that long -when one or two gremlins started creeping in – problems with the headlights – more seriously the engine cutting out at speed – bit disconcerting actually. Back to the dealership who didn’t seem able to rectify the engine problem -but were very helpful in other ways. A suitably worded letter to the dealership principal and FIAT UK suggesting I might have been better off with the MX5 provoked a response from the dealership but niente from FIAT UK – not a positive start! The dealership however accepted the fact that the car was not fit for purpose and liaised with FIAT on my behalf – a few weeks drifted by – but then – a result – the keys to a brand new yellow Barchetta were handed over. Not so sure I would be so lucky in todays economic climate! It’s been with us ever since, attending all but one of the Club meetings since 2010. 

We have made some very good friends , visited some places we hadn’t been to before, drunk copious amounts of wine and generally had a great time – with hopefully more to come. Equally importantly don’t forget the 200 Club!

Very best wishes

Michael Barnes

Helen Robbins

Website and Email –

I bought my Barchetta in 2001 when a colleague said she had to sell her car…..”what have you got?” I foolishly asked (I had too many cars at the time, seriously didn’t need another)……”a Fiat Barchetta” she answered…..blank look from me.  Then she showed me a picture……you can guess the rest! 

I joined the UK Owners Club soon after as I knew nothing about barchettas and soon discovered what a great bunch you all are.  Over the years my little boat and I have been on wonderful adventures with the club, made lovely friends and driven through some appalling and as well as some amazing British weather. 

I finally got the rust and paint fixed earlier this year, refurbed the alloys, and a new roof was booked in. Lockdown then happened……the roof will have to wait.

I always vowed that I would sell the car when it failed to put a smile on my face.  Here I am, almost two decades later, still smiling 🙂

Jerry Larthe de Langladure


Just before I retired in 2003 my wife, Hilary, decided that she wanted a sports car and set her heart on an Alfa Spyder, so we toured a few garages to have a look and see – not many around and a lot of them the wrong colour ie. not red.

After we got to France in the same year a friend suggested that a Barchetta might suit her a bit better, being lighter and much prettier! We found the car in Montpellier, restored by a young mechanic and it was love at first sight. So it’s now 17 years of ownership and the LRC (little red car) is just about to celebrate 25 years. We’ve managed to attend several Owners’ Club gatherings and thoroughly enjoyed them all – hopefully we and the LRC will enjoy plenty more!

Jerry Larthe de Langladure

Sandy Ranson

Committee Member

Hello everyone!

Paul and I have been club members since 2010. It was clearly a good year and destined to spark many happy Barchetta adventures, because it was at the same ‘first meeting’ that we met fellow current committee members Martin and Jenny Garrad and Mike and Cathy Barnes. I think we have attended every summer UK club weekend since then (and some European trips along the way). How lucky we have been that members have been able to showcase their own special parts of the UK. Nothing beats a local guide! I became a new committee member in 2019, whilst in the throes of organising last year’s international meeting.  I think the rest of the committee were worried I would be short of things to do afterwards! 

I must say, as organisers, we were all delighted with the positive support for the international meeting and so very pleased to be able to welcome new members from all over the UK. I hope to get the chance to meet you all again soon – there are some great trips planned for 2020!

Happy driving.

Sandy Ranson