First new member of 2019

I am delighted that for the fourth year running our first new member of the year has kindly agreed to write a little piece about himself and his cars, past and present.  Here is a short article from Lyn Davies of Llanelli thus carrying on our little tradition. I am pleased to note that his car has already had some TLC lavished upon it. Welcome to The UK Owners’ Club Lyn.

Martin Garrad

Membership Secretary

January 2019

Coasteering (a first ever experience of jumping into the frothing sea from Pembrokeshire’s rugged cliffs) was my children’s present to me on my 65th birthday.

For my 70th they saw fit to introduce me to surfing in Biarritz (yes big big waves).  My 72nd birthday therefore was an in-betweener. No pressure on the kids to think of anything to push me to my limits for another 3 years. So it was down to me to find a bizarre way to


For 15 years at the back of my mind had been this fantasy of owning a little two seater soft top that I had once seen a well known Welsh International Rugby player driving around in the late 1990s, it struck me that at 72, if I was ever going to own one, it would be now

or never.

Internet trawling led me to an all black version for sale at a garage in Leeds….. 04 registration 68,000 on the clock. Some haggling led to an agreement to take my daughters run-around Punto as a makeshift part exchange. There was no turning back. A 6am start set me on my way North East to Yorkshire and by noon I laid eyes on my acquisition. It was exactly as I imagined and with few checks on the details I was heading home. A blissful 6 hours later I had completed a momentous 12 hour day.  I was the proud owner of a Fiat Barchetta! 

“What is that” has been the most oft question posed to me by so many strangers since then. Few have ever previously seen one and those who have would dearly love to own one. It is truly unique.

My car owning history has always had an Italian bent. Fiat 124: Fiat Berlinetta 3P; Fiat X19; Lancia HPE (1.6); Lancia HPE (2.0); Alfa 155 T.Spark; Alfa 156 (Veloce); Alfa GT (tdm); Alfa Brera (2.2 JTS) and currently a Guilietta Sprint.  

As you can imagine a collection that has been a bi-word for collecting the odd point for exceeding the speed limit over the years. No such excess with the Barchetta though, for it really demands that you treat it as the truly beautiful old lady that she is.

PS. It now has been under-sealed had the timing gear replaced (just in case) and has a brand new Maroon hood.  

Lyn Davies