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Here we are looking to collect interesting items and links regarding the Barchetta and the UK Owners Club. If you are interested in more technical documents then please check our Workshop page.

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If looking for some road test articles on the Barchetta then it may be worth tracking down a copy of the Brooklands Road Test Portfolio which brings together a number of articles from 1995 up to 2008. ISBN No: 9781855209244. Details at: and available to buy from Amazon

For original road test articles then you maybe able to track down the 2nd August 1995 edition of Autocar and the Jan/Feb 1996 edition of Auto Italia magazines.

The automotive journalist Richard Dredge compiled a buying guide to the Barchetta in the November 2022 edition of Classic.Retro.Modern magazine which featured the car belonging to club member Chris Rocker. More details can be found here.

Club member Eric Trump had his car feature in the July 2022 edition of Classic & Sports Car magazine in comparison with the Alfa Romeo Spider. The article can be found here on the magazine website.

Club member Chris Pearce had his car featured in the August 2017 edition of Modern Classics magazine as part of a comparison test. The magazine is no longer in print but you could possibly still find a copy on eBay.

The FIAT UK Barchetta brochure from May 1996 and dealer price list from July 1997

The Summer 1995 edition of the FIAT UK Forza magazine detailing the design of the Barchetta

These three photos are from the original UK Press Pack for the Barchetta

This is the German market brochure for the Barchetta Naxos Special Edition

It is possible to order a Certificate of Origin from FCA Heritage for your Barchetta here. It’s not cheap at €70 but useful if you would like to know the original specification of your car, date of production and what market it was made for.