Barchetta comes home

Whilst most of us are suffering an especially cold snap in the UK; look what Michael Dutto, a member who has moved from Kent. has done to transform his life.  A brave move Michael which sounds as though it will offer great rewards.  Very best wishes for your adventure.  I wonder if any of our other members will be temped to take up your invitation to visit.

Martin Garrad

(Membership Secretary)

January 2018

We have had our lovely Barchetta for nearly 14 years now. I bought it new from Northgate Garage in Canterbury, where I have worked as sales manager since 2000.

We holiday in Italy every year and in all that time the Barchetta has not put tyre out of England as three people into two seats does not go! Last July we thought we would check out a few properties in the area. We drive each year to Piedmont, in the province of Biella where I rediscovered lake Viverone. This holds a special place in me heart as I learned to swim there as a child. My father

came from Turin and we would spend all our summer holidays there.

We viewed a property near Asti, in the beautiful Monferrato hills. We fell in love instantly and put in an offer when we returned home. This was a huge step as it would mean moving from a safe house and job in England. Taking advantage of (silly) high property prices in the UK and (silly) low properties in Italy we decided to take a chance. We swapped a three bedroom semi in Folkestone for a four bedroom detached piedmont farmhouse with 5 acres of adjoining woodland with enough equity left over (I hope) to keep going until I can draw my pension in 5 years time. It was a big gamble but worth it every time I look out of the window.

Our offer was accepted, we sold our house and moved here at the end of November.

So the Barchetta has come home! He seems very happy now and resides some 60 kilometres from his birth place. He is looking forward to spring when the hood can be retracted and he can ride around the beautiful Italian countryside. I must say the Barchetta has been a good choice. When I first mentioned the idea to Julie she was not keen. I said I had seen a lovely car, actually one which tormented me every day at work in the showroom. It would mean swapping her Punto for a left hand drive car. No way she said, I wont be able to drive that! then I showed her a picture of a Barchetta…… I suppose I could get used to it she said. Who could not be charmed by the Barchetta’s beautiful lines. In all the time we have owned the car we have only covered 38,000 miles. She has had a new hood recently and I had the mirrors resprayed as the lacquer was starting to fade. Reliable otherwise, helped by working at a main dealer. I inherited a stainless steel exhaust and strut brace from a customer who found the exhaust too noisy for his taste.

By summer we should have accommodation here as we are setting up a small B & B. If you would like your Barchetta to visit the area you can contact me on you would be most welcome. The adventure is just beginning for us and I am so looking forward to the better weather. Having said that, although cold at night the days have mostly been lovely. as soon as the sun comes out it has some real strength to it. There are truffles in the woods too so I may need to get a dog.

Michael and Julie Dutto

February 2018