2023 Club calendar – order now!

We are now in a position to select pictures submitted by members to create our 2023 calendar. Committee members are busy making their final choices. (Be assured we are forbidden to vote for our own pictures!)  Although costs have inevitably risen, for both printing & postage, we are still able to offer extraordinary value. by selling at virtually cost price.

The cost of a single calendar including postage to a UK address will be ยฃ5.50  and for two calendars to same address it will be ยฃ9.50

The cost of a single calendar including postage to a European address will be  ยฃ8.00  and for two to the same address it will be ยฃ12.50

No money is requested at this time but please register your intention to purchase by emailing membership@fiatbarchetta.uk

We will then be able to measure interest and the viability of proceeding with our order.  Providing sufficient interest is forthcoming we will be able to order the print run and post out to members towards the end of November or early December.

On behalf of our Committee

Martin Garrad